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Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau E Vitória, Porto, Porto Publicado às 11:09, 22 Março 2019, ID do anúncio: 575951166
We are looking for a part time (entry level) assistant (m/f) in Porto to help us get started and beyond!

We are a 60 year old company from Germany that is moving its digital lab from Berlin to Porto.
We are setting up business in Porto to a) digitise manufacturing and b) also manufacture in Portugal.

Why? because of the great manufacturing environment in Portugal (for example in Marinha Grande).

Your main tasks will be:

* Help us research, test and evaluate several business ventures
* Help us recruit talents for those ventures in Porto and our existing company in Germany
* Help us to establish a great network of business people and makers in Portugal (incl. networking events)


*You must be able to bill us via https://upwork.com (Because at this moment we do not have a Company in Portugal yet. This will change soon. Until then you earn your salary via UpWork)
*We need someone native from Porto or at least Portugal
* You must speak English
* Speaking German would be an amazing surprise, but it’s not needed!
* We prefer someone who is still studying or recently finished


* Enjoy a creative & modern work experience
* Learn new things and more about digital, startups & manufacturing
* Work part time and sometimes from home
* Earn a competitive salary
* Stay on after we settled and help us digitise manufacturing from Porto

If this sounds interesting, pls apply with your CV, a personal letter and any other information that we should consider.

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Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau E Vitória, Porto, Porto

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