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Bolsa Triatlo XLAB Rocket Pocket- Nova Nossa Senhora de Fátima - imagem 1

Bolsa Triatlo XLAB Rocket Pocket- Nova

26 €
XLAB Rocket Pocket Bag - black

The XLAB rocket pocket is a lightweight and aerodynamic bag with enough storage for mobile phone or other small items. It can be mounted at the top tube or the seatpost.

More aerodynamic:
Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers. It has the same width as head tube (standard size bag), therefore no increase in frontal area. The 72 degree front fits tight up against stem. With tapered aero design profile and super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag.

Non sway design
Non slip surfaces underneath and on front of bag grip top tube and back of stem. Extra long front straps allow bag to be attached to bikes with cables entering the top tube behind the headset.

Easier to use
Located within easy reach while riding. With non slip rubber zipper pull and one handed super-slide zipper.

Smart storage
Mount behind stem or seatpost. The silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents. A stretch mesh pocket in contrasting red color offers storage for mobile phone, salt tablets, cash or other small items. The rocket pocket can store the longest energy bars. Storage space: 0,354l.

Contents stay cooler:
Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler. The silver interior helps to reflect heat away.
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