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Marshall Valvestate 2000 Avt 150H São Pedro - imagem 1

Marshall Valvestate 2000 Avt 150H

450 €
Amp em bom estado,footswitch original nunca foi usado.

The amp sounds absolutely wonderful and includes the original pedal for the amp.

The amp is very versatile for any kinds of music. It's ridiculous how many tones you can get out of this thing.

You'll want the Marshall AVT150H Head at all your gigs. The AVT150H is the head version of the AVT150 and boasts all the same features and facilities as its combo brother. This includes the tube preamp and excellent 'Scoop' facility. On Overdrive 1 this radically scoops the mid frequencies while tightening the bass for aggressive driving rhythm sounds. On Overdrive 2 the middle is again dipped, but a cut in the upper frequencies smoothes out the sound for a more bass heavy ('Nu') Metal selection. This 4 channel head brings absolute flexibility and forms the ultimate stage rig. For an even more imposing set-up, the AVT150H can drive standard 1960 4x12" cabinets. As with the AVT150 combo, the head also features a headphone jack, speaker-emulated line-out, effects loop with level control and FX mix control. Like all the AVTs, its preamp section is based on a 12AX7 and delivers great tone.

4 tube-based preamp channels
Overdrive 1 radically scoops mids for aggressive driving rhythm sounds
Overdrive 2 cuts high frequencies for a more bass heavy sound
Drives the AVT412A (angled) and AVT412B (straight) cabs
Headphone jack
Speaker-emulated line-out
Effects loop
Level control

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