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Sony Vaio VGX-XL1A Digital Living System desktop Santo António dos Olivais - imagem 1

Sony Vaio VGX-XL1A Digital Living System desktop

89 €
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I'm selling my Sony Vaio XL1A . Imported from the US as a new system from B&H store in NYC. System PSU is 110/220v.

As this is the US version of the XL100, I have removed the NTSC TV encoder board and installed 2 x Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 PAL PCI encoders. Anyway, I am including the original NTSC encoder board as well in the package.

Upgraded the original BIOS with the Mr Big version, that allows CPU upgrade and other improvements. Included in the package you will also find an Intel Pentium D 950 SL95v 3.40Ghz in case you want to upgrade from the stock 2.8 Ghz CPU.

These Vaio Digital Living Systems are now in end of life, so support from Sony is no longer available. You can find a lot of information on specialized forums like the one at https://vgx-xl.proboards.com/. Please be aware that I am assuming buyer is technically capable with the right amount of DIY skills to install operating systems, solve driver problems, search the forums for help in troubleshooting and perform hardware / software upgrades,etc. I am not available and will not have time to provide any kind of support or answering questions after sale. Please make sure you understand this before you buy for the right expectations. Thank you.

In the past I used the XL1 with Win XP MCE, upgraded to Vista Ultimate at some point and later used Windows 7 ultimate which still supports Media Center. Since then, the XL1 has been stored with no use for the past 5 years. I got it up and running again to prepare for sale and made a 72h burn-in. As far as I know, current users run Windows 7 or Windows 10, although the later OS no longer supports Media Center features.

I am supplying the VGX-XL1A with the original Maxtor 200GB HDD and factory OS install of Windows XP MCE SP2. Buyer will probably move to a more recent OS, specially if he wants to be connected to the internet.

The only difference from original specs is the RAM upgrade to 1GB (You can install up to 4GB) and the replacement of the TV encoder board with PAL version. Keyboard is US spec.

Please see pictures for what's included. In terms of software you get the original factory restore DVD's and the official Sony Windows Vista companion upgrade DVD. The sale if for XL1 vaio unit only - no media changer included in this sale.

This will be shipped in the original Sony XL packing box, as you can see from the photos. "

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