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Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar
Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar
Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar
Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar
Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar
Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar
Publicado 18 de maio de 2022

Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar


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Guitarra Classica Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar


Vai com setup feito, Cordas novas. Braço muito macio
Sou Luthier de guitarras com muitos anos de experiência.


Virtually inaudible to the outside world, the Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar offers a stunning sound that only you will hear. Plug in the stereo headphones and relish the rich ambience of a genuine classical-guitar sound, delivered by the superb B-Band pickup system and a choice of two studio-quality digital reverbs. An Auxiliary input, with adjustable level, lets you connect a CD or tape deck to play along with your favourite tracks, while, thanks to its Line Out socket, the SLG can also be used for recording or for connection to a guitar amp for public performance.

The well-thought out design of the instrument’s frame ensures excellent comfort whether playing standing or seated, and the upper part is detachable for compact storage in the gig bag provided. Battery or mains powered, the Silent Guitar is an experience to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you want.

The Silent Guitar utilises a B-Band™ pickup system fitted beneath the instrument`s bridge. This high performance system delivers rich, full-bodied classical guitar tone and excellent response. Bass and treble tone controls mounted on the body for easy access give you total control over the guitars tone. Since no microphone is used, the Silent Guitar eliminates the worry of feedback when performing live with a sound system.

Compared to a normal classical guitar the Silent Guitar “acoustically” produces only 1/100 the amount of sound energy and 1/10 the amount of sound volume (tested in-house). Such excellent silent characteristics make it perfect for playing anytime or anywhere.

The Silent Guitar is equipped with a built-in DSP effects processor that`s designed by Yamaha. This offers two types of reverb that, when activated, augments the warm tone of the Silent Guitar with rich reverb that will give you and your listeners the realistic impression that you are performing on the stage of a concert hall.

Connect a CD, MP3 or cassette player to the AUX IN jack and play along with your favourite recordings. This feature is a great way to quickly improve your playing.

Yamaha SLG100N Silent Guitar features:

– Body: Solid maple with maple frame
– Neck: Mahogany
– Fingerboard: Rosewood
– Bridge: Rosewood
– Strings: Nylon
– Maximum body depth: 80mm (3.15”)
– Scale length: 650mm (25.59”)
– Tuning machines: gold with pearloid buttons
– Finish: Natural with black/maple frame
– Electro system: B-Band under-saddle pickup; preamp with volume, bass, treble, built-in two-preset digital reverb, reverb select, line out, aux in with level control, headphone out, phones on/off
ID: 598543069
Luthier Guitar



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Somos especialistas em reparação de guitarras Elétricas / Acústicas e Baixos. Os instrumentos devem ser comparados aos carros desportivos de alta competição. Se quer arranjar ou modificar é melhor levá-lo a um especialista.

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