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JBL - LIVE 650BTNC - Como novos
JBL - LIVE 650BTNC - Como novos
JBL - LIVE 650BTNC - Como novos
JBL - LIVE 650BTNC - Como novos
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  • Tipo: Auriculares / Auscultadores

  • Marca: JBL

  • Entregas OLX


JBL Signature Sound; 40mm drivers and a sound signature that can be found in the most famous venues all around the world.
Hands-free calls; Stay in touch with your world by managing calls with the buttons on the ear-cup. When the battery is flat, just plug-in the audio cable and continue listening and chatting
Press play. Mute distractions; Keep the noise away and stay focused on the music with Active Noise Cancelling.
30 Hours Battery Life | 2 Hours Recharging Time Ambient Aware and TalkThru Technology
New in Non-retail packaging 100% authentic
ID: 651211954

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No OLX desde novembro de 2023

Esteve online ontem às 15:14

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Publicado 29 de junho de 2024

JBL - LIVE 650BTNC - Como novos

99 €




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